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“An uncommon approach.

empathy and communication is my greatest attribute paired with a deep understanding of human movement.

I don't just plan your workout, simply counting reps or acting like a drill sergeant. I accompany and teach you how to be a more fit person generally.

All while I'm listening to your needs and feedback, identifying and guiding your evolving goals while providing motivation and expertise in an easy to understand way so your development continues unhindered.

Each session is specifically planned (no one workout for everyone), relating to the other sessions that week or month, which all correspond to the near and long term goals of your unique program. My approach corrects injuries and imbalances, safely and with lifelong improvement in mind. Your program is constantly evolving, allowing for adaptation, and fine tuning, as you progress..”

— Yann Bouvet

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Making moves

Achieving fitness with great technique and evolving goals. Setting achievable goals, short and long term, will keep you motivated without getting discouraged.  I help you modify and adapt your goals based on your progress. Each workout is ONE-on-ONE and individually designed and your performance evaluated to promote ongoing progress, as quickly- and safely- as possible.

Celebrating health

I make sure your machine is running right. I assess how your body is operating mechanically, and if any corrections are needed.  As a sports therapist I address tight areas, soreness, imbalance, etc to ensure you are PAINLESS and physically ready to challenge your body, prompting its adaptation and development.

Transforming your mind, body and life

Discover with me the nature and sports. Connecting you with nature and it's energy it will encourage and push you outside your comfort zone to finally be able to “define yourself”.

Sports like: Running, Hiking, Mountain Bike, Free diving, Yoga, Kite surfing and many more.

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From outer space to open waters, from astronauts to VIPs, my background as a VIP personal trainer (awarded by the European Space Agency), sports-therapist, sports-manager and former professional athlete gives me a wide range of experiences, knowledge and skills. These assets are complimented by my personal affinity to sports (fitness, crossfit, yoga, free diving, diving, kite surfing, boating, outdoor sports and more) and a client-oriented demeanor that is rooted in a deep understanding of human nature and a strong sense of empathy.

Why me?

Yann Bouvet


"experienced Athlete for more than 24 years"

"ESA Astronauts Training"

"experienced Athlete"

"Strong sense of empathy"

"experienced Sports Therapist  for about 16 years"

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customer portfolio

My customer portfolio includes clients from the film, music and TV industry as well big player companies and athletes.

For confidential reasons I do not name my clients!

Family offices and agents please contact me for further details.

For a permanent role and traveling as part of the principles entourage please contact me.

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Discus physio therapy is one of the most exclusive facility in Germany. A team with the highest level of competencies and requirements to serve customers and patients with first-class service. Not only the high society but also professional athletes, actors and many entrepreneurs entrust their health to the Discus team.

B-SPORT Berlin

B-Sport is not a classic gym but rather a crossfit family. Here fitness training, life quality and community is lived and experienced.


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